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Thread: Is this AF or not? Advice needed pls!

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    Default Is this AF or not? Advice needed pls!


    This is my second cycle off the pill and AF was due Wednesday and I got small amounts of dark brown colouring and a few stringy bits (sorry TMI) and it has continued through to today but the colour has got a bit more red but its still very light. Is this AF?? Or do I have to wait it out and see if it turns in to full blown AF? And if it doesnt do I count it as AF and then start on my new TTC cycle as per normal??
    I have done a PT and it was BFN so I dont belive im preg - I want AF to come so I can get back into TTCing!!

    Its such a confusing time for me! Has anyone had the same?

    I wil get some OV kits this month so I can see if I ov and when to DTD as I dont get much EWCM that I can see.

    Any advice would be muchly appreciated!!

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    Hi Kafer_Girl,

    Whats the latest? Have you got AF yet?

    Before I got my BFP after my second cycle off the BCP I had brown spotting for about 7 days leading up to when AF was due! Then it went away because I was pg. Still don't know what was going on with that.... But I wouldn't count it as AF until you get a proper bleed. That's just my opinion anyway....

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