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Thread: All in my head?

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    Default All in my head?

    OK, Here's the list of Symptom's i'm having, what does anyone think? or am i convincing my self that i'm pregnant? and when can i test? I'm 7dpo. note that i only ever get cramps CD1, i don't feel sick but then i didn't with me son either. oh yeah and a had a whopper of a pimple yesterday

    BB"s not sore but feel fuller and have very noticeable blue vein running up my chest and areola appear to be larger and nipples feel rather silky smooth
    Frequent and i mean frequent urination
    crapming feeling in the area between belly button and pubic region that i've experienced for 4 days with lower back pain
    bad taste like morning breath no matter how many times i brush my teeth
    wet feeling down below (sorry if TMI) and slightly chucky white CM
    slightly stuffy nose
    I normally could make sleeping an olympic sport but today woke up early and couldn't go back to sleep

    my chart can be seen below

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    they are def symptoms of pregnancy.... i didn't test till 14dpo but some ppl have been known to get a positive result as early as 10 dpo but it depends when u think implantation is on my chart it shows that implantation was at 10dpo so if i tested then it would have been negative iykwim?
    anyways goodluck i have my fingers crossed for you!!! sounds promising

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    oh btw your link to your chart somehow just takes whoever clicks on it to their own chart... to find ur link u needa go into sharing and ur site link will be in there just above preview i think it shld be a home/couple of numbers i think

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    I can't figure out how to get to my chart. It's a pretty standard chart, it dipped for o and then rose until 6dpo with a slight dip and then came back up today. the thing that's worrying me is that my cramping isn't as noticeble today it's still there but it's not as strong as previous days.
    I had a bit of a giggle last night i went to a bbq and some dear person's two children were absolutely destroying the joint and i had to ask DH to remind me why we want another child. lol

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    i was just having a shower and noticed my aerola are getting bigger and there are little pimple like things all over my nippples and when i squeuzed them colustrum came out and i stopped breast freeding nearly four years ago so i've been dry as. is this a preg sign or something else. my main concern though is there was some dark green fluid coming out of one of my nipples sorry if tmi could this just be old milk stuck in one of the ducts or is it something more serious. sorry i'm nuerotic i know

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