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Thread: Am I in with a chance? Confused

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    Default Am I in with a chance? Confused

    After some advice and so sorry if TMI! Here's an outline;

    22.6.10 - LMP
    2.7.10 - Faint line on OPK (CD11)
    3.7.10 - Darker line on OPK (but not as dark as control line... Wiped and got EWCM but only once that I could see. (CD12)
    4.7.10 - Faint line on OPK (CD13)
    5.7.10 - Did the deed (CD14)
    6.7.10 - Did the deed (CD15)
    7.7.10 - No line on OPK (CD16)
    8.7.10 - Faint line on OPK (CD17)
    Today - Darker line on OPK, cramps on right side of abdomen and EWCM when wiping but cloudy otherwise. (Sorry, I'm mortified! )

    What is going on? I think we'll DTD again tonight and tomorrow just in case but I'm CD18 and am confused??? From memory, I used to O later than the "suggested" fertile time...

    Any thoughts? Thanks girls

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    I can't quite explain the up and down results of your OPKs, but all I can offer in the mix is probably something you already know.... any time you see EWCM, bd like mad... like mad I tell ya No matter what OPK's tell you.. you could miss the swing and therefore miss the positive, but I've read that EWCM should always be acted upon, more reliable than OPKs.

    Hope this makes sense.. I'm a bit bleary eyed this sunday morning...

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    Yep, DTD again tonight and maybe tomorrow just to be sure. If you don't get UTD this month, I highly recommend using digital OPK's next month. They are a bit pricey but they take out all the guess work as you get a smiley face on the digital screen when the time is right. We fell pregnant with DD the month I used Clear Blue Digital OPK's and I will definitely be using them again next time!

    Good luck!!

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