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Thread: Am I pregnant????

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    Ladies, I have a question for you all and I am just after an opinion as I am going to the doctors on Friday if my AF has still not arrived, but here is the question...... I have 2 DD #1 is nearly 3 and #2 is 6 months and I am on the pill and this is my first month on it, I was on the pill for 5 days before we 'did the deed' without protection and that was on 3 days after my AF had finished......well now I am due for my AF and they have not arrived, I am currently nearly 4 days late??? I have done 2 home pregnancy tests and they have come back negative??? I have never missed a period before without being pregnant so I have no idea what is going on.....sorry just needed to get that off my chest...thanks

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    prob just ur body getting used to the pill. tho they say u must wait 7 days before unprotected sex. Wait a week and test again.

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    I would say DTD 4 days after AF means your pretty safe from not falling pg.....but then again anything can happen.
    I agree with HOllye - its prob your body getting used to the pill again. I know when i was on the minipill, i sometimes had 28 cycle days, next one i would have 41 cycle days.....give it another week or so.

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