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Thread: Am I pregnant...? so confused!

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    Default Am I pregnant...? so confused!

    Sorry I just need to get this out of my head otherwise it will be nearly impossible to concentrate on anything else!

    My period is usually around 28-32 days so during this cycle i waited to test until day 34 (Saturday). I did a test when i first got up and got a very faint positive (crystal clear test). Hubby wanted me to do another test so i did at Lunch and got another faint positive (Discover one step). So that's two faint positives on two different tests so we booked in to get a blood test done yesterday.

    Before doing any bloods the doctor did a urine test... which came back negative!?! This was about 4.30ish and he also took blood to test and double check.

    I'm now very confused as to how and what this all means. I've had cramping and an aching lower back since the 10th but not AF to speak of except for a very light browning tinge to mucos when i wipe. No other pregnancy symptoms as yet. Am i not pregnant after all?

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    Im sorry i cant be of any help, i have not experienced this.

    Just wanted to give you a Hope you get an answer soon.

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    I had this happen with my first two pregnancies I got a faint positive at home and went to the doctors to have a test and he told me I wasn't pregnant! Well I was and I have ds to prove it! The second time it happened again but different doctor so she sent me for a blood test and I was preggers! This time round I went through my obstertrician and just got a blood test done (smart man!) I have been told that HPT are able to pick up hcg earlier than drs ones as they are 50mul whereas hpt are from 10mul. I would definatley say you are pregnant and at least you have had the blood test to prove it!

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    Congratulation I think you are BFP!!!! I had a similar thing happen, I got faint home tests, a faint doc's test, which he called ecquivocal which means it could go either way. That upset me because I had had 3 experiences with the end result being early MC anyway my BT came back at 97 so so much for the faint tests. I think the BT will give you all the answers. Good luck!!!!

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    Hi Nissa,

    I had faint line on my HPT and the GP's came up negative. I went for a blood test and had to wait the weekend for the results and I was pregnant.

    I also had the cramps of AF, but no other signs of them. The cramps continued till about week 5 for me...

    Good luck and hope you get the answer you are after when you get your blood test results.


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    It sounds very promising by your HPTs. When I was pg with DS2 I got a BFP at home, but the drs test didn't show anything and he put the test away and said he'd send me for a blood test instead. Well just as I was walking out I checked the test again and a faint line had appeared, it just took a bit longer than a home test. He didn't bother with the blood test after that and I went on to have a happy healthy bub.

    Wishing you luck

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    Thanks so much for all of your replies. It's made me feel that there is still a chance and as AF still hasn't turned up my fingers are corssed that hte blood test comes back positive but i guess we can only wait and see.

    Out of curiosity is there any chance that if the blood test is negative that i still may be pregnant? just want to have an idea for when i get the results tomorrow.

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    Just wanted to send you loads of goodluck with your BT results tomorrow. It does sound promising with two BFP's. Unfortunately if your BT comes back negative then you aren't pregnant. If your levels are low but not definitely negative you may need another BT in a few days. Does that make sense?

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    Well I just thought i'd update everyone... I had a phone call from the doctor tonight. The blood test results are back. The doctor said to consider myself pregnant although the hcg levels were low so i'll have another blood test done in a few days but so far so good and all being well I looks like i may have gotten my BFP!

    Thanks for all the support and i'll let you know what the next blood test shows.

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    I get my second blood test results back to do so hopefully it's good news about my hcg levels

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    Hi Nissa


    Good luck with the results today.

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    Got everything crossed for a huge big HCG jump

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    Thanks so much for the supportive wishes.

    I don't know what the actual figure is but it's more than 50 which i guess is a good thing as whilst it is still on the low side it is within the ranges of normal so I'm happy.

    Only thing to do now is take care of myself and see how we go.

    thanks again all

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    Congrats. As long as it starts doubling every three days all should be well.

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