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    Hi all,
    I need a little advice.
    I had a tiny bit of spotting on Wednesday which was 3 days early for me for AF and she is usually never early, (always late to get my hopes up of course) and I thought maybe it was implantation bleeding.
    Then on Thursday I started AF but the thing is its been quite light, I'ts still going today but the really weird thing is usually with af I get one day where I have really bad cramps that put me to bed for 2-3 hours and that's usually my second day of af, well I have not had that this time.
    So I have nooooooooooo idea what is going on.
    I hate not knowing my body!!!
    Does anyone think I could be pregnant, I also didn't have the usual pms symptoms this month either.
    I am probably just wishful thinking, should I do a pg test?
    Should I wait until af has completely gone?

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    Do a test - at least this may put your mind at ease to some extent.
    Good luck, I hope you get the news you are looking for.

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    Ditto to what Debbie said.

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