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Thread: Any idea when I will ovulate?

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    Default Any idea when I will ovulate?

    Hi all,
    I am using the power of positive thinking when TTC #2 this month!
    I have PCOS and conceived #1 with the help of clomid. I am hoping to naturally conceive this time. My last 2 cycles were 40 days and 34 days. I am on cycle day 14 today and DH and I have been bd'ing every second day and will continue to do so. Does anyone have any input into when I might O. (Am planning to use OPK'S but don't want to waste any by testing too early!)
    Any help would be appreciated!

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    well 2 cycles with 6 days apart is abit hard... um my guess would be....

    day 18?!?!?

    im abit stumped on this one...

    good luck!

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    How long is a piece of string?

    My suggestion is to watch your CM for changes. When it starts to become creamy, you may be heading towards O. When it becomes watery or egg white, you shold start OPKing & BD every second day.

    Sorry, but it's really a very hard question as you haven't given us much to go by.

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    Thanks for the replies! I know it isn't much to go on- Welcome to my dilemma. Mind you I have actually got AF for the last 2 months which is a vast improvement on not getting AF for 6 months or more. I had a really bad experience with clomid (although it did help us conceive our DD so not all bad) but I want to avoid having to use it again. I have not been temping but that may be my next step! Guess I will keep an eye on my CM and hope that some signs of O appear soon.
    Thanks again!

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    I have really irregular cycles too. I just keep an eye on my CM and temps. Good luck!

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