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Thread: Any little rituals or superstitions?

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    Default Any little rituals or superstitions?

    TTC and am wondering if anybody has any hints or tips for increasing fertility. I'm on Clomid and do all the rest but was thinking along the lines of statues to touch or certain crystals or herbs to put under pillows.

    Any advice would be great thanks ladies (and gents)

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    After 6 months of trying and getting a bit down on myself I decided to try and think 100% positive thoughts and get rid of the negative (easier said than done). I found it a little hard but every morning after my shower I would stand infront of the mirror naked and say "I am a healthy, voluptuous (just because I like that word hehe ), FERTILE woman". "I AM going to be a great mother and Dwayne is going to be a fantastic dad". "We ARE going to get pregnant, we ARE going to have a baby"! I also did it in the car on the way to work! And that month I fell pregnant!

    But as for crystals im not too sure. I will ask my mum and get back to you.

    Good luck, wishing you a shortly

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    now that's positive thinking reneenay!
    katie g - sorry I don't know any, but fingers crossed for that BFP soon

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