thread: any tips on TTC?

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    Nov 2003

    any tips on TTC?

    I'm newto this website, me and my fiance are currently trying to concieve our first baby together (my second baby,but didnt try for my first).. I never tried before so it all seems a lil confusing for me, as when i had my first son with my previous boyfriend that was purly an accident so I have no idea what so ever as in how to try for a baby, what things could increase chances and things like that.. My Fiance antthony says he knows a few things,weve been roughly guessing my ovulation through a online calculator thing.. if anyone can give us any tips or anything we'd be very gratefull
    u can email me to chat if you want to
    from Lesley

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    Apr 2003
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    Hi Lesley

    Welcome to BellyBelly.

    The best tips that I can offer are:

    1. Chart your cycle (as you are already thinking about). Fertility Friend do a good online cycle chart (

    2. Read up some of the trying to conceive threads - we all discuss what to do (and not to do!!) there and you will pick up some helpful tips I'm sure.

    Otherwise, please do not hesitate to pm me - I will rack my brain and put down some other tips for you.

    Best wishes

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    Jun 2003

    Hi there Lesley once again welcome to Belly Belly

    Just thought I would let you know, there is some useful information on the Belly Belly website that relates to TTC

    You can check out the information here...but don't forget you will need to login first!

    Goodluck, hopefully you will be quick to graduate from TTC!


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    May 2003
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    Hi Lesley,

    Welcome to Belly Belly.......& I hope your TTC journey is a quick one!

    It took me and DH a fair while to concieve, and so I collected a huge amount of tips/old wives tales/remedies along the way: here are some of them:
    ~Don't use lubricant (not even saliva) as it is said to kill off the sperm......although raw egg white is OK, and some people swear by it (me included!)
    ~Missionary or doggie, look for a position that delivers the sperm as close to you cervix as possible. Standing up isn't great.
    ~Try not to stand up for at least 1/2 an hour after BD'ing (some say the longer you can lie down the better)
    ~Stick a pillow under your bum to raise it up a bit after BD'ing (not so romantic)
    ~Stick your legs in the air after BD'ing (less romantic again)
    ~Do "bicycle legs" after BD'ing (at least this brings humour to your relationship)

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    Aug 2003
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    Lesley, the only advise that I can give you is to enjoy TTC. Try not to stress to much. It is meant to be an exciting enjoyable time in your life and its a really good excuse to do heaps of BDing!!!!! Have fun!!

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    Sep 2004


    Using OPKs seems to be helping me, when I combine it with charting.

    The CM thing doesnt really work for me all that well, so guess you have to figure out whats best for you, and go with it.

    Any other suggestions from anyone else??


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    Nov 2004

    My tips are know when you are O and put a pillow under your bum after BD. Also charting is a great idea, timing is everything!

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    Hi Lesley,

    Welcome to little tip I have is to BD every second day.

    Good Luck TTC!


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    Hi Lesley,

    Welcome to BB. I ovulate pretty much around day 12 to 14 and my doctor said to BD from day 11 to day 18. That way you'll be fairly sure to catch an egg. It depends on how long your cycle normally is. Also they say to try and stay fairly healthy, cut down on alcohol and eat well.

    Hope this helps and goodluck TTC. dust:

    Sammi TTC #1

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    Feb 2005

    Welcome to little tip I have is to BD every second day
    Why every second day?

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    Jun 2003

    My Dr told me every second day is best as it doesn't affect the potency (apparently that can happen if too often as well as too far apart) and just to cover all bases

    Both times we got pg recently we BD'd every second night for two weeks over the period of ovulations before and after. Usually from CD 12 to 24 (I have a 34 day cycle) 7 times (sometimes more ) in that time.


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    Feb 2005

    Wow that's really interesting Cailin, thanks

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    Jan 2005
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    Hi Lesley!

    You should be taking your temp every day before you get up and be checking for CM, that way you can start to know your cycle.

    Get rid of DH jocks and give him boxers!

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    Feb 2004

    Just thought I'd let you guys know that with the BB website back up & running, there are some great articles on TTC.

    Check out Charting Your Cycle for Conception and The Shettles Method to start with