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Thread: Anyone LPD after weaning?

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    Default Anyone LPD after weaning?

    I b/f my DS for 9 1/2 months, during which time I never got AF. It was until after he was completely weaned that I started charting (3 cycles ago) and have noticed I have a short luteal phase (about 10 days). I have been doing some research and have learnt that high prolactin levels caused through b/f can affect LP. My question is has anyone else experienced this and how long before your cycle corrected itself? Should I start on B6 or wait til it naturally corrects itself in time? Also, anyone know if there is a blood test to detect high levels of prolactin?

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    Hi Aussie Chick

    10 days is a "normal" luteal phase, so there's nothing to worry about (ha, ha, blooming ha - we'll always find something to worry about, right?). Prolactin affects ovulation, not LP per say, and the test for this is a prolactin blood test. The "normal" range on UK tests is very conservative - usually we don't worry unless the person has twice the maximum for "normal" (ie over 1000mU/L), and if you're breastfeeding, or just stopped, most would advise that you check again in 1-3 months to make sure the level is coming down, and how fast it's coming down. Once the prolactin goes back to "normal" then your body should as well.


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    My first two cycles after Violet, while still breasfeeding, I had two short luteal phases. I think the firlst was 5 days and the second was 9 days. But ever since it has been 11days.


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