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Thread: Bad rib pain?

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    Default Bad rib pain?

    Hi everyone.

    Wondering if you can help me with something. AF is due anyday now (I am that she doesn't come though!) I haven't had any signs as of yet that she is coming, but this morning I got a pain that i've NEVER had before (unless i've been hurt).

    I was driving along the road when suddenly I felt this really bad pain on the right side of my ribs. I've done nothing that could've caused this pain, but it just feels REALLY bruised and sore. If I cough or touch it its very sore.

    Is this some type of pain associated with AF or very early pregnancy? Or is it something to worry about? The only time i've had this type of pain before was when I had a bad fall off one of my horses and landed on my ribs - it feels just like that pain only i've done nothign that could've caused it???

    I'm going to take a HPT tomorrow morning.

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    Does it hurt to breathe?

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    No, it doesn't hurt to breath at all.

    Its just a slight pain when I cough, and when I press on the area it REALLY hurts, as though i've badly bruised the area, but there is no swelling or bruising on the outside?

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    In the past few days i've had a type of rib pain. I wouldn't actually call it pain. It was more like something was just digging into my ribs. I got a +ve HPT yesterday. My pain doesn't stay around for long, just comes and goes a bit

    I think if it hurts to breath then i'd maybe get it checked out.

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    It sounds a bit different from your pain. Mine is a bruising type pain, not a digging pain. But it doesn't hurt to breathe at all.

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