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    jodie Guest

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    Just looking for a bit of advice. I am 10 dpo today, yesterday I had cramps all day that felt like AF was coming early but she hasn't arrived yet. Today I noticed that if I squeeze my bb a bit some whiteish goo comes out of the nipple. Could this be an early pregnancy sign? I will test tomorrow morning.

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    *TamaraP* Guest


    I have never heard of this... If it smells in anyway I would definately go see your DR.

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    Lizzie33 Guest


    Hi Jodie, I think this sounds very positive!!! You should do a test as soon as possible. Afriend of mine had discharge from her BB as her first sign, followed my extreme tiredness and then sore BB's. Good luck and make sure you let me know!!

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    Have you caved and tested yet?

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    jodie Guest


    Ok, I gave in and tested - BFN. However I am only 10dpo so I am hoping it is too early. I have promised myself I will not test again until Thursday when AF is due (although I promised I would not test today and that lasted all of 1/2 an hour)

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    How sure are you that you did O? I would go to your doctor and get a blood test because your body shouldn't normally produce enough prolactin for you to get any white/milky discharge from your nipples (obviously BFing changes that). As you're TTC, a high prolactin can suspend your cycles and so you may not get AF or O. (Prolactin is the hormone that stimulates milk production.)

    However, this can be treated with drugs and so it shouldn't stop you TTC. There could be other reasons for this, harmless and innocent ones, like maybe an infection, but as I work with people who have hyperprolactinaemia that's the first thing that springs to mind, so I'd go to see a doctor about it. You may have had a slightly high prolactin, and now you're pg that may just tip it over the edge, and I hope it's that for you.

    Good luck!

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