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    Ovulation came very early for me this month. Just wanted to know if any of you had any success with BD on ovulation. Ovulation has never been this early and I am afraid that we might have missed it. We did BD on the day of Ovulation and day after. Any thoughts?

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    Hi Lisa

    There is still a good chance of conceiving if you BD'd on the day of ovulation. I think the day after ovulation is almost useless (??) but if you BD'd on the day of ovulation, you could be in with a good chance. BD'ing 2-3 days beforehand would give you the best chances but it sounds like you didnt have the luxury of much warning .....

    Good luck!

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    Hey Lisa,

    Sounds like your in with a good chance of catching the eggy sweety! BD earlier doesnt neccessarily mean you have a greater chance of catching the egg, if your certain you O'd that day, then I think your in with a great chance. I like the fact you bd the day after for good measure - I did that too when ttc

    Wishing you lots of luck and a bfp soon,

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    I'm with Lisa. If you used opk's (?) and got a positive then it's likely you ovulated 12-24 hours after that positive. If you are using temps and you pin pointed ovulation in retrospect you are still in with a great chance. That egg will survive up to 12-24 hours. I hope to see a happy message from you in a few weeks.

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    Thanks girls,

    I think i'll just have to wait and see come friday. It just really frustrates me knowing that we might have missed it, especially on our last month before IUI. Hopefully we did time it OK. My body is playing tricks on me as usual - very sore breasts for the past week which is also a symptom of AF coming as well!! What to believe... At the same time, we are looking forward to doing something proactive about our infertility (IUI). Very mixed feelings this month - geeze I hate being a woman sometimes!!

    Thanks again girls.

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    Hi there Lisa,

    Just wanted to say good luck to you, if it was O day you are definately in with a chance as that's when they do IUI as well.

    We have just done our first IUI (unfortunately BFN) but it is not as scary as you think.
    It is pretty easy in fact (except for all the b/t) so I wish you all the best!!!

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    this will be the year!

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    Hi Jo

    Didn't think of it like that in respect to IUI being on Ovulation. Thanks for putting my mind at ease.

    Sorry IUI didn't work for you the first time round. Hopefully the next one will do the trick.

    Thanks again.

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