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Thread: BD twice a day around O time. Is this too much?????

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    Default BD twice a day around O time. Is this too much?????

    We have taken to BDing sometimes morning and night (if we fancy, not because we must!!). Does anyone know if this is considered too frequently when TTC? Don't currently have any reason for concern re: DH sperm count.
    What do you think?

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    It can't hurt, but the 2nd time round, I think DH's sperm count may be a bit lower anyway depending on how fast his body can make them.

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    I asked my DR the same thing. He told me unless he has a low sperm count then I would bed as much as you want.

    The more you have it the less there are, but my DR said at least there are freshies to keep the boat afloat so to speak...

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