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Thread: Best early preg tests

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    Melbaby06 Guest

    Default Best early preg tests

    Hi girls,

    Thinking of doing an early preg test?

    Pick up a double pack of Prognosis Clear. These urine pregnancy tests come in a dark purple long box for about $8.00 at chemists in WA (the cheapest brand around!). These tests have a beautifully clear test window. The paper is like photo paper and the control line is crystal clear. They pick up very faint positives.

    They are soooo much better than Clear Blue. I bought a pack of Clear Blue (I'm pregnant - but love testing) and even the control line is uneven and like litmus paper from your Yr 11 chemistry class :?

    Anyone else had success or failure with brands of pregnancy tests?

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    I used those Prognosis with my daughter - I still have the test stick two years later (eek!) and it's still clear as day. I agree they are very good.
    Haven't used Clearblue, but I used the Crystal clear (also a blue line one) and found them to be a bit wishy-washy as well. But their +/- one was good and I got a clear bfp at 13dpo with it.
    I'm a testaholic as well

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    I always use Discover One Setp and Also Crystal Clear they work well for me and detected my pregnancy at 11DPO.

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    Kirsty77 Guest


    Discover one step is my brand of choice.Got strong positives very early with both pregnancies.The ones of ebay don't work well for me or the fortel brand.

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    I wouldn't waste my money again on Pregnow (ebay tests). They didn't pick up my last BFP until around CD17.
    I used Precise and got a very dark BFP at 13dpo. Probably would have got it sooner had I not been wasting my time on Pregnows.


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    goldilocks Guest


    Hi Melbaby!

    I tried out the Pregnosis Clear HPTs after your suggestion I got a BFN at 10DPO but a BFP at 14DPO! I didn't even have a faint line at 10DPO so I had convinced myself that I wasn't pregnant.

    I used Discover Onestep at 14DPO also and it came up positive within 20 seconds

    I think the Pregnosis Clear tests are very good value. I bought mine for $10.95 for a twin pack compared with $18.95 for a Discover Onestep twin pack.


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