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Thread: Best time to BD?

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    Red face Best time to BD?

    H2B is making a special trip down from his work (560kms north of Adelaide) and is having a sperm count (that he wants to do, but reckons he'll be embarrassed about doing so, fair enough me thinks).
    When he comes down I'll be on CD27, and he'll be leaving on CD30. The sperm count will be happening on CD27...
    I will be using an OPK. Should I just be guided by the OPK when to BD - or is there some other reason or logical time to BD?

    (and on the OPK question - once you get a positive OPK -should you start BDing straight away?)

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    I would just bd like mad while he is there.. Try and enjoy this time dont let OPk and temping control you too much thats what i was doing b4 we got a +ve.. we tried for 6 mths and nothing i was lucky and temped for one month and got pg but i was in a different frame of mind and little more relaxed about it all and dtd when i wanted to....

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