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    Tried to follow the link to the article on this but it didn't work, so here goes....

    How do I improve chances of conceiving while still BF? Flynn is 5mo, just starting solids, and "sleeping through" in that his last feed is between 7 and 9pm and usually doesn't have another till between 4 and 6am. I am keen on waiting for AF to return before we actively "try" (I am enjoying my alcohol - in moderation!! - after a 9m drought)

    Any ideas, stories, suggestions??

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    I think it's very much an individual thing as to when fertility returns. Some women are able to get PG straight away even when BF and for others it takes a while.

    Kynan started sleeping through at 10w so no night feeds from then apart from when he had the odd unsettled phase every now and then like at around 5m. I expected AF to return quickly after that, especially once he started solids at 6m but AF didn't arrive until he was 11m. He was 13m when we managed to conceive again and still having 3 BF a day.

    If you are really keen to get PG again perhaps look at charting - temps, CM, CP, etc. It might help you to catch the first egg. Also, have you checked out the [url=]TTC & Breastfeeding[/url] thread?

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