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Thread: BFN after AF and still pregnant?

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    Default BFN after AF and still pregnant?

    I'm sure this has been covered a gazillion times before, but has anyone had BFNs a number of days after their AF was due and still been pregnant? (I'm getting the hang of these acronyms!)

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    kbgirl Guest


    Hi rach,

    My 2nd AF after coming off the BCP, came on CD28 with massive cramping and i thought it was just my hormones getting back to normal. I bled a normalsih period, however on CD31 (day 3 of my period) i developed m.sickness symptoms and did a PT and got a BFN.

    Thought it was a bit strange, but the next month my period never came and i got the BFP i was waiting for and lo and behold at my 12wk scan i was 16 weeks, so was in fact PG when i got the BFN at CD31........


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    Is your BFN after AF or after you think AF is due? If it's the former, then you're likely not pregnant, but if it's the latter (eg day 33 of a 28-day cycle) then there's a chance you could be pregnant. Some people have taken weeks and weeks - 7 weeks in some cases. Pop along to your GP and ask for a blood test if you keep getting BFNs and no AF.


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    beastie Guest


    i had a BFP after 5 days due
    all tests before were BFN

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    Thanks everyone. My AF did come but was much lighter and stopped the next day. (And like you Kbgirl I had massive cramping) Normally I'm 5-7 days long and heavy without fail. But I went to the Doc this morning (as I'm bout to go away for 5 weeks and wanted to sort it out) and just did a normal test which was BFN. She said I'm probably not pregnant and I probably just didn't ovualte this month which caused the light, short AF - but just to wait and see what happens next month. So that's ok - I'll just assume I'm not and see what happens. But I'm sure I ovulated (had EWCM), I've never had a short AF before and everything tastes funny. I'll just wait and see I guess and take it as it comes. I am off on a 5 week holiday to the UK - never been before, v exciting! Thanks for all your advice.

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