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    Has anyone had success in preg with a bicornuate uterus?
    I have just been diagnosed with this, mine has developed into what is called a right rudimentary horn the right fallopian tube doesnt communicate with the main uterus which in my case is 7/8 formed Just wanting to link up with other that have the same condition.
    Kate 8-[

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    Hi Kbaby06
    I don't have this but was just reading all about it in Robert Jansens Getting Pregnant. He has a chapter devoted to this very subject.
    Good luck with your TTC journey.

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    I was diagnosed with a bicornuate uterus when I was 9 weeks pregnant with my first son, I was told because of the shape of my uterus (heart-shaped) my babies will be breech, this wasn`t the case, Matthew was in the normal head down position.

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