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Thread: Billings Ovulation method (BOM)

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    Default Billings Ovulation method (BOM)

    Does anyone use this method? I am at the moment, it seems like a good way to go. I even have my own online instructor - no cost! It's different from temping though, in this method you purely monitor your CM at the vulva by sensation and its appearance.

    According to BOM, the sensation of CM from wet to "slippery" and then not slippery is the indicator that you have peaked and ovulation is likely to occur up to 3 days afterwards. However, I don't feel confident I can tell the difference between wet and slippery??? My online instructor tells me that once experienced the slippery sensation is very obvious.

    Can anyone else back this up or tell me anymore about there experiences with this method?

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    i do this method and it is slippery and like eggwhite, very obvious unless you have bd'd then it can be confused with that but i can tell immediately and fell preg first go when trying before but lost the bubba so am trying again!

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