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Thread: blergh! :(

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    Thumbs down blergh! :(

    ALL day i have had a sore tummy after vomitting at 5am this morning.

    It is sooo gassy although i have rarely actually "let wind go". it feels awful, almost like i want to throw up, but more like somone sitting on me!

    the bubbles in my sides of my tummy are really starting to bother me now.

    is this really conception? Please all chorus and tell me its all in my head

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    I don't know if it's conception or not, Danni. Try to keep up your fluids, get lots of rest and don't take any medicines that would be wrong if you were pg.

    Take care of yourself honey. Hopefully it will subside soon.

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    You poor thing you must feel terrible. Fingers crossed its all for a reason!


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    I should would like to think it is Danni. Actually strangely enough I have been feeling waves of nausea over the last two days. At one time I was driving and it was so bad I had to pull over because I thought I was going to throw up - but I didnt. Strangely it hasnt turned me off food though - which is what usually happens. Perhaps we are both just so convinced and so hoping.... but I keep that its not all in our heads!

    Hang in there matey!

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    I sometimes find that after ovulation i get nauseas due to my hormones changing? But Danni i am hoping this is quiet the opposite for you honey.. love leis xx

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