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Thread: Book: Swimming Upstream

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    Default Book: Swimming Upstream

    Anyone heard of this? Sounds like it could be useful/interesting!


    Finally, a book to help both members of a couple understand how to cope with problems getting pregnant.

    There are books out there that talk about the medical side of things or the psychology or even tell other people’s stories.

    But there’s nothing to help you deal with the day-to-day issues like when the 100th person today who’s told you to ‘just relax’ or to understand why you don’t want to go to another christening or to understand how to survive something like IVF or why your sex life is now governed by thermometers and ovulation schedules.

    There is now.

    Swimming Upstream: the struggle to conceive is practical, down-to-earth, honest, humourous and contains advice from a professional fertility counsellor that you can apply to help you cope when you’ve having trouble getting pregnant. And it’s co-written by a man who has been through IVF – an everyday guy – so the book reveals for the first time what men are thinking.

    So welcome to the site. Have a read of some excerpts, read what some others – other people who have also struggle to conceive – say about the book or find out the 10 reasons why you should read Swimming Upstream.

    And while you're here, check out our new factsheets on coping with infertility - including dealing with your parents, fertility myths and living in a child-focussed world.

    David Rawlings and Karen Looi
    Kelly xx

    Creator of, doula, writer and mother of three amazing children

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    ooh, just checking out their website now and reading some of the excerpts from the book. Think I might get it.


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    Thanks for posting this Kelly, has grabbed my interest too.

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    Well I might share the love around and ask the public library to get a copy!

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    Just bumping this thread up a bit.

    A couple of us in the 6+ months thread have read it and found it to be wonderfully helpful... just gotta get DH to have a look at it now. Although, it will help if I hand it to him!


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    Hi everyone. I'm the author of Swimming Upstream - thanks for the kind words! I'm glad that it's proving useful to you.

    Ive just written an article for BellyBelly called "Putting on a brave face in a child-centred world". It talks a bit about how when you're struggling to conceive you're expected to just put on a smile and deal with life when seemingly everyone around you is having babies easily. Here's the link:

    (By the way, check out the special 20% discount for subscribers of the BellyBelly forum.

    In the meantime, I'd like some feedback from you ...

    I'll be contributing more articles to BellyBelly to help couples who are having trouble conceiving, but I'd like your feedback as to what issues you'd like to see covered. What would you like to read about? Here's a list as a starter:

    * How men deal with infertility
    * Who's to blame for an inability to conceive?
    * How do you talk to your parents?
    * Fertility myths
    * The effect on your sex life

    I'd be keen to see what you'd like ... or any other ideas you may have!

    Cheers, David Rawlings

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