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Thread: Breastfeeding - Am I gearing up to O?

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    Default Breastfeeding - Am I gearing up to O?

    I'm breastfeeding my son exclusively (he's 10 weeks old) but I have noticed that CM has returned in the last few days - it's clear, shiny, slippery. He's been sleeping through from 8-4am for a good month or so - could I be gearing up to O?

    With my DD I didn't get AF until she was 11 months old and started sleeping right through the night 12 hours.

    Has anyone got AF this early despite exclusively breastfeeding?

    If I was to start charting again the 4am wakeup would be the time to take my basal temp wouldn't it?

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    It sounds like you might be but it could be still a while away yet.

    My son is 15 months and I still don't have AF back (DS still feeds at least once overnight) - but I've noticed the same CM as you coming back for about 2-3 months now....but still no AF. I couldn't care less if it never comes back LOL.

    But yeah I'd temp at the 4am wake up.

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    Claire Guest


    Thanks Flea - LOL I would feel robbed if AF showed up this early! Fingers crossed it won't start for a long time yet!

    I've only had about 5 AF's since late 2004 - it's been bliss!

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