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Thread: can anyone answer my questions.....not long to O day.

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    Default can anyone answer my questions.....not long to O day.

    hello hello hello, happy birthday girls!!!!!!!

    how is everyone today? im CD 17 and waiting to O on thw weekend. I so want to get the timing right. A friend told me i should be using my OPk in the arvo i have been testing for last 4 days at 10am. is that ok? I got a positive last cycle at 10am on CD 20. I really want to catch the egg when im just starting to O as i would love to (just see if i can have another boy) Id be happy either way. Got DP on maca powder and wearing boxers to work this week. Im drinking pineapple juice and eating bananas for the sodium and potassium. We havnt Bd since monday so im leaving it now till I get a BFP on the ovulation kit. Am i doin all the right things any suggestions would be appreciated. Just trying also not to think about it all....DS birthday party is on sunday so it will e a distraction.......hopefully. have a great day girls and good luck to everyone. Yeah im going to use egg white as lubricate this weekend too (why not) sorry if tmi. love yas.

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    Hi Yas, sounds like you're doing everything right! I read that doing the test anytime during the day (apart from first thing in the morning or last thing in the evening) is fine for OPKs.

    Good luck!

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    Hi Tommygirl,
    The instructions that came with my OPK's are:
    - Best around 2pm
    - Try not to wee for 2 hours before hand
    - Reduce your fluid intake before.

    Hope this helps,


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    Moving to Conception General Discussion.

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