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    I'm currently 16DPO and no sign of AF, even though I'm normally like clock work [-o< . What I want to know is can I paint (walls)? If I am pg I dont want the fumes to effect the bubba. But at the same time, I'm keen to paint the walls in our lounge room this weekend. I cant seem to find any straight answers on the web - some say bub is protected for 1st 2 weeks after conception but others say dont do anything harmful.
    Anyone know??

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    if you are worried, i would wear a mask.. you know like a dentist one? or maybe just put a bandana around your nose and mouth

    you might look funny, but you will feel better and it will ease your mind

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    Hi Furkids. I was in my first trimester when they painted the school! I was about 7 weeks I think, and I couldn't get away from the stink. Apart from it making me feel like puking because of the morning sickness anyway, there were no bad effects and DD is fine. You don't get implantation until a week after O anyway, so no mixing of blood/diffusion of chemicals until then. I'd say go paint if you want to.

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