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Thread: can i be preg ?

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    kellrobryan Guest

    Default can i be preg ?

    can someone please tell me after having bloods taken on day 23 and that showed that i hadnt O'd at all
    is there a change that i may have O;d late then day 23 and i may be preg
    as i am now going onto day38 tomorrow
    what are your thoughts
    oh by the way this is round 3 on clomid
    i take 50mg from day 5 to 9

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    CatherineL Guest


    I just wanted to wish you luck and i hope you get a BFP soon!

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    kellrobryan Guest


    what do u think about already getting a neg on day 23 for the blood tosee if i O;d

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    CatherineL Guest


    Hmmm.. Kelly - i honestly have no idea! I mean yeah it's possible for you to have O'd within the last few days... But i don't know much about Clomid!

    I hope someone with some sort of idea regarding this answers you babe!

    We had trouble concieveing.. but it was because there was no swimmers.. Good luck!

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    AUZZGAL Guest


    Yes i have read that if you take clomid it can make you 0 late especially as you are taking it later in your cycle. Im currently on my fourth round atm but i take mine from cd 2-6 as it can help keep you 0ing closer to the normal time frame so maybe check with your doctor see if you can switch days. It takes 5 days to get your progesterone peak from when you 0 so it is still likely that you could have 0ed even just before your blood test say a day or two before and it wouldnt have shown up. Do you usually have regular cycles? have you ever gone over the 38th day before?
    Good Luck

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