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Thread: can it still be too early to tell?

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    Default can it still be too early to tell?

    I think I O on CD17 and have had period cramps since about CD18 like AF is coming anyday.
    my cycle is like clockwork 28 days and I never get cramps. so for me this really weird.

    on CD 24 ,in the last 24 hours a consistent pain like a strain on the left side near my ovaries with the cramping. So i went to the doc and she thought that I may be preg. Did a blood test but BFN. i thinking if I did O on CD17 it may still be too early to tell. Im not due for AF till the 16/2.

    Other symptoms
    very tired but today CD25 slept most of today -just couldnt keep my eyes open
    really really hungry cant get enough food

    Im not sure if im reading into things but boy is this pain annoying

    i suppose Ill have do continue the waiting game for a few more days

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    Yes, I think it's still too early to tell. You are probably best to wait until at least your Af is due, then test agian. Good luck.

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