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Thread: Cervix low soft and open, WTF!

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    Fire Fly Guest

    Unhappy Cervix low soft and open, WTF!

    I have looked and looked and looked, ive googled till my fingers hurt (slight exageration). and i cant find the answer to my question.

    My cervix is low, soft and open. This doesnt indicate anything. I know Ovulation is high, soft and open, menstration is low, hard with nose peak and pregnancy is high soft and closed.
    WTF is going on with me, i must be a total freak cause i cant find anything about its position. Its really easy to feel, and really low and its certainly open. Ive noticed that its been a little higher but not so i cant reach it.

    Can anyone help. Please

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    12bliss Guest


    I have no idea what this one means,, maybe your body is going into one of the modes you stated! good luck!

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