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Thread: Cervix Position advice?

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    Hi there,
    Just a question about cervix postition. (this is the first month I have monitered this)
    I am currently 5 or 6 DPO and my cervix is still high and open, is this normal (I know nothing is actually considered normal)?
    I just assumed it would close a couple of days after O!
    Almost half way through my tww.
    By the way just saw on Today tonight an 18 year old who didn't know she was pregnant till and hour before she gave birth, if we could all be so lucky.

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    Hi J

    I saw that on TV last night too. I've heard of that happening before as well. It's funny coz since about November, i've been really putting on weight for no reason and my stomach has grown outwards, and is quite hard, and i've been saying to DH that maybe i was pg, but it wasn't showing on any tests, and he's like 'as if', but last night i said to him, 'see, it can happen'. I know i'm not pg, coz i had a lap done in Nov, and they would surely have seen something then.

    As for your question, i personally dont check cervical position, but i have read up about it in FF's FAQ and also in the 'Charting Handbook'. If you can't find anything on here (have you checked the front page also), then maybe you could check it out...(if you haven't already that is).

    I'm about half way through my TTW too, so we must be due to test around the same time...

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    I don't really pay much attention to my cervix position, I note it in FF but don't really notice.

    I take more not of CM which is a more indication of Ovulation or you Dip then Rise in charting...

    Also, checking your cervix throughout the day doesn't really work as it contracts throughout it and moves possies.
    Check it first thing of a morning while still laying in bed.

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