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Thread: Cervix Position, Opening and Texture

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    Default Cervix Position, Opening and Texture

    I've had a look through this forum to find info on how to do this but can't find a thread relating to it (though I have a feeling there are several! LOL).

    Anyway, I don't have VIP membership with FF so I can't read up on how to go about doing this. The whole concept baffles me! How do you tell if you cervix is low, medium or high? How do you know if it's closed or open? How do you know if it's firm or soft?

    I might have to do some actual research, hey?? LOL

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    Deb, you'll find HEAPS of varied information out there on the net but I think the best way is to actually just do it and 'feel' your way LOL. It'll probably take a cycle or 2 for you to start to recognise the changes but you'll soon be able to tell what your cervix is doing.

    I found doing it at the same time each day worked best. You'll be able to tell how high your cervix is by how far you have to reach to get to it. You'll also be able to tell if it's open or not as if it's open you may be able to fit the tip of your finger in and at other times not so much. When you O your cervix will be high and open.


    ETA: Oh yeah and how soft/hard it is too - around O time it'll be much softer, usually described as being like when you touch your lip. Other times it'll be harder like the tip of your nose.

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    Debbie Lee Guest


    Thanks, Angel!
    I guess I'll just have to "feel my way" as you say!! LOL
    But that info helps heaps!

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    OK, crash course. I hope I explain it ok.

    Firstly, best place to check is either sitting on the loo (after you've done your "business) or standing with one leg up on the side of the bath, a chair or some other elevated surface.

    High is when you have to really REEAAACCHH with your finger to find things.
    Medium is about an "easy" finger length in.
    Low is probably around 1/2 a finger length.

    Firm is the texture that is similar to when you press your finger on the most prominent part of your cheekbone.
    Medium is about the texture of your chin.
    Soft is when you press lower down on your cheek (between your cheekbone and your jaw).

    Closed is like a kiss.
    Medium is like a half smile.
    Open is like your hubby's mouth when he's had a few too many to drink!

    Hope that helps.


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