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    I was on the pill over 3 yrs and have been off it over 6 months now and have been TTC how long can it take???I'm 19 and my partner and i are ttc our first baby i'm just not sure how long it takes etc...could someone please help me

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    i have been TTC since i got off the pill by the way

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    Oh Chantel, not yet time to be stressed...
    The usual stats are lucky within 6mths and more likely within 12mths and better chances within 12-18mths.
    Your best start would be to look at temping your cycles and making sure you are BD'ing at your most fertile times...
    Most GP's won't start any investigation before 12mths unless there is a history which shows potential problems.
    Good luck and there are heaps of threads around for TTC and hints for charting and optimising pg.

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