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Thread: Checking cervix?

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    Default Checking cervix?

    Hey everyone

    Does anyone else check there cervix position?

    Im 17dpo and BFN, i checked my cerix yesterday and it was low and hard, but last night night and today its high and firm, at the tip of my finger..

    I have heard this could be pregnancy, is this true?

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    Default Changes at cervix

    Hi there,

    Some women use changes at the cervix to monitor their phases of fertility/infertility throughout the monthly cycle. Pre-ovulation and post ovulation (in the non-fertile phases) the cervix will be low, firm and closed. As ovulation approaches and you enter your fertile phase, the cervix becomes softer, higher and more open. It will be at its most high, soft and open immediately prior to ovulation. Shortly after ovulation (the next day) the cervix already begins to close, become firm and lower.
    I'm pretty sure that if conception has occured, the cervix will still close (to protect the foetus), however the cervix will remain soft and high.
    I hope this clarifies a few things!!

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