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Thread: Clomid failure again

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    Default Clomid failure again

    Hi Girls,
    I am on day 18 of my second Clomid cycle. This month was 100mg on days 2-6 and last month was 50mg on the same days. I didnt ovulate last month and things arnt looking good for this month either - I have been temping and using OPKs with no signs.
    Did any of you have a bad start and then ovulate after the first 2 months? I was getting really depressed last night but have been trying not to think about it today.
    How long can you take clomid for?
    I have my next appt with my specialist on 8th May so I guess I will fit in another cycle before then. I have to have my 21 day blood test on Monday but right now I am wondering if I should even bother....My doc told me to trying and lose some weight too and I have lost a few kilos so far. I should be happy about that but how do you get out of this "no O" rut??

    Tink x

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    Default clomid failure

    Hi there Tink,
    Sorry to hear you feeling a bit down at the moment, I wish I could give you some good advice but I don't really know much about clomid but I just wanted to let you know that we care and are thinking about you.
    Try not to give up though and well done by the way on losing some weight, that is usually such a hard thing to do.
    Take care, J

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    Hi Tinka,

    Reading the start of your post, i thought that i had written it myself !!!

    I too have just had my dose of clomid changed from 50gm to 100gm and from days 5-9 to days 3-7. I'm only up to CD9 so am waiting for ovulations, but i just wanted to ask you a few questions....

    1. Are you being monitered throughout your cycle and having scans etc.

    2. Have you ever got a positive result from an OPK.

    I'm just asking these questions because i am on my 4th cycle of clomid now (2nd cycle back to back) and i have NEVER got a +ive from an OPK. My FS gives me a scan on CD12 to check my follicles and then gives me OPK's and tells me what days to check for 'o'. If i haven't got a +ive by the last day (usually to CD15-CD16 depending on the size of my follies) then they get me to have a shot of PREGNYL which makes me ovulate within 48hrs, and they give us the schedule for BDing.

    I then go on to have a BT 7 days after ovulation (whenever that is) and then a week later PG BT.

    My FS is over an hours drive away and they know that it's not easy for me to get over to them, so i pretty much only go over to have the scan at CD12 and the rest we do over the phone, and with my local pathologist and they send over the BT requests and prescriptions if necessary with all copies of all results etc going to my local GP incase i need to see him for anything urgent or whatever, and he still knows where i'm up to.

    As for how many rounds of clomid - well my FS tells me that they really don't like to do any more than 3 back to back. After 3 and no luck, then they will give your body a rest for a bit or maybe look into other options. I know that they really wanted me to go 3 back to back just to regulate my cycle and if it doesn't work then we are going to try AIH.

    Hope this helps a little bit, and if you want to chat further about it, just ask

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    Hi Tinka

    It sounds like you are like me. I have just started my third cycle on 50mg CD5-9 with BT at CD23. May even start 1 more cycle before I go back to see Dr on 3/5. I expect that if I haven't conceived this cycle that I will go up to 100mg.

    I would definitely have that BT. You need to follow through with it even if in your heart you know that you haven't o'd. Maybe you o late (FF thinks I may have o'd at CD23) and didn't catch the egg this time round. Your Dr expects to get that information and will make any future decisions based on all that information.

    Yes, mine also said I should lose weight. So far I haven't really been trying but think that perhaps I should. This can only be for my benefit and if I am healthier then that can only assist my chances.

    Chin up and as you can see you are not alone.

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    I understand what you are going through. Can you email me your chart so I can have a look at your temps? to [email protected]

    I have been through this. I never got a positive OPK until my last cycle. Saying that I fell pregnant without a positive OPK so please dont base this on whether you ovulate or not. The Day 21 test is the most accurate reading to tell you and your doctor you ovualated so you should definately bother to get this done. Can you call your specialist and leave a message advising your concerns and ask if you get AF at the end of this cycle if you can up your dose of Clomid? I asked ... and he was happy for me to do so if it didnt work...

    Im not sure how much you way but I have to tell you this. I way 107kgs and it still worked for me...I was told to lose weight too..

    Are you having folicle scans before you ovulate? if not you can ask if you can.. that also indicates faster if the clomid is working for you, if it shows the folicles are not big then they can up your dose of Clomid.

    Mrs Mac - I did 4 rounds back to back and it was ok.. my specialist also said no more than 4 back to back..

    Tinka - can I ask what day you ovulated last cycle? this will be an indication of when you ovulate this cycle. I took Clomid day 2 - 6 and always ovulate on day 16, 17 or 18..

    I hope it helps feel free to email me.


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    tinka Guest


    Thanks so much for your support girls.
    I had the day 21 blood test and plan to call the doc soon to get the dreaded results. I am not having folicle scans before I ovulate and I have never ever ever had a positive OPK....

    My doc just told me to take the clomid on days 2-6 and get the blood test on day 21. I have another appointment with him in early May so hopefully he will have some more options for us then.

    After my first cycle on Clomid he told me I didnt ovulate so I had Provera to bring on a bleed and the start of cycle 2.

    Bel, I am 88kgs now after losing a few kgs in the past few weeks - I am proud of myself for getting down from over 100kgs about 2 years ago but I did manage to get to 80 and have creeped up in the past 6 months or so. I just wish it would help and I wish my stupid ovaries would do their job.

    I havent been tempting for the past three days since I got really sick with food poisoning over the weekend and had a fever which put the whole thing out of wack...

    Anyway, thanks for your support everyone. I will let you know what the BT results are when I pluck up the courage to give my doc a call.

    I will try and stay positive.

    Tink x

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