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    shasho Guest


    Hi everyone my name is shaza...i am about to go on my first clomid cycle in 2 days and wanted to share my experience with anyone going through the same. I am very nervous for my body and very scared to get dissapointed as i have been trying for 3 yrs now...hope to haer from anyone soon:P

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    Bambi Guest


    Hi Shaza,
    Good Luck to you this month.
    I know how you feel, myself and DH have also been TTC for 3 years and now going to hopefully get more help.

    Join in on the 6months+ TTC buddies thread. Were all nice people there. hehehe

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    tinka Guest


    Hi shaza,
    I know exactly how you feel. I was in your exact position about 22 days ago!

    I am on Day 21 of my first Clomid cycle and am going for my "Day 21" blood test this afternoon. I know that I havent ovulated because I have been temping and using OPKs since day 12 and there has been no temp rises and not lines extra lines on the OPKs

    Dont worry too much about the Clomid side affected. I didnt have any except for a slight headache. I was actually scheduled to use Provera too but AF finally arrived after months of nothing the day before I was supposed to start so I went straight onto Clomid. I think this month though my doc may decide that I should use provera to bring on AF...I dont want to wait months to try again.

    Anyway, all the best. I look forward to chatting more to you about your experiences.

    Lets hope we both get a BFP soon! I will pray for you when I am praying for us [-o<

    Tink x

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