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    Hi everyone,

    Just wondering if there is a site that has any detailed information on CM - what type when and what type when pregnant (and when it occurs etc) ?

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    You could try fertility friend. Generally if you are pg it stays creamy - if AF is on the way, you will have very watery CM. If it is like eggwhite then you are fertile.

    Hope that answers your questions.

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    Google the Billings method. There is HEAPS of info on it and it is very detailed!

    Good luck

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    Thanks so much, very helpful!

    Reason I asked is that I have been TTC since December 06 and have been trying to pay close attention in this area to learn when I am fertile etc. AF due in 5-6 days and I still have a lot of creamy CM and have had cramping the last 5 days so am just hoping for you know what :-) But, knowing my messed up system I will get AF lol..

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    hi there, i think there is also a belly belly article on CM under the conception articles section - good luck!


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