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    kellrobryan Guest

    Default cm signs

    hi all im due for af tomorrow but have been getting alot of preg signs lets just hope its not all in my head each time
    but today one day till af is due i have had alot of cm Creamy is that a good sign of early preg

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    Hi Kell,

    yes it is a good sign of early pregnancy. lots of women get creamy CM in early pregnancy. When i was pregnant in Nov, i had it. are your BBs sore or larger? Any slight cramps?

    Good luck! When are you testing?

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    kellrobryan Guest


    yes i have had the slight cramps too but nothing much i have had sore nipples but not to bad now and had 2 days of light brown spotting on day 21 and day 22 so not to sure if that was implation or not
    im taking clomid as well so im not sure if it was all side effects to do with the clomid
    i think i will wait tilll wed when docs are back open to get checked out as i have been late in the past like last mth i was 2 weeks late but the signs are diff this mth
    hope im not looking into it to much

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    Good luck!!!! It's hard not to analyse things isnt it. I am the same. Sore nipples are a good sign also but also can be AF too. hard to say. I don't know anything about clomid so not sure what symptoms that can bring either.


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