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Thread: Conceiving after IUD removal

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    Default Conceiving after IUD removal

    Just wanting to know people's experiences after the removal of an IUD.

    We are planning on having ours removed in the next few months hoping to become pregnant late this year or next.


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    Hi onlyone,

    My good friend was using an IUD, had it removed and began TTC only to discover she had PCOS and had to go on fertility treatment. Successfully conceived bub #1 after about six months I think.

    Put IUD back in, then decided to go for #2, took IUD out and was pg the next month!

    Anything's possible!

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    i'm not sure... but i have a similar question. how effective is it when it is due for removal and replacement? a friend of mine hasnt bothered to get hers replaced yet and she said it has been due for a few months.... eeek?!

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    Default Mirena coil removed in April.

    When I was 19, I had my mirena coil inserted and it has been my best friend for 8 years (that's an extra 3 years longer than recommended). I had mine removed in mid April with miniumum fuss and my cycle resumed immediately. I had my first period before the end of April.

    I now have a text book 28 day cycle (which I never had before), my chart tells me I'm ovulating regularly and we've been TTC for 2 months now.

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