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    Red face Conception after implanon

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm new to this site and not sure if im posting in the right section but am just wondering if anyone know much about trying to concieve after having implanon removed. I had my implanon removed on the 10th of March and hubby and I are TTC. I took and ovulation test about a week later which said I was ovulating...So technically I guess we timed it perfectly....Havn't had a period as yet but wondering when I should start taking a HPT?

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    if I were you- I'd keep trying till you have a go at clomid- less stressful- if you are ovulating there is no need for something like clomin HPT because thats all it makes you do. Give it 6-12 months and if still no lucky get checked out- especially if your period is unpredictable- but relax about it and enjoy other aspects of life- hubby can feel pressured too.

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    Welcome to BB!

    If your period is still missing in action 18 days after your positive OPK (ovulation prediction kit / test) then it's time to do a HPT (home pregnancy test) to see if his spermies caught your egg!

    Best of luck!

    By the way, I read an article that suggested all effects of implanon *should* be gone by 3 months, and conception in women after implanon removal is no different to all other women by that time. I had my implanon removed, then had a anovulatory cycle, and then conceived 12 cycles later. HTH!

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