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    Question concerned (again)

    Hi to everyone,
    Some of you may have read already that I started light bleeding 8/9DPO recently, It went on for 5 days before it started brown (sorry TMI) so I knew it was nearly finished.
    Was gone the next day, or so I thought.
    Later on that night I got really bad cramps and started bleeding again, no light stuff this time though and that went for another 4 days and stopped last Sunday and I just thought oh well lets roll on for another month ttc.
    But then yesterday I started having brown/red mucas and today it is spotting and this is 4 days after finishing AF.
    I have never been one that has spotted between AF so I don't know what's happening????
    Going to see dr next week because surely this isn't normal.
    I have every now and then stitch like feelings in my left side where I assume my ovary is and this can happen at any time of the month and I'm starting to think this bleeding might be related.
    Does anyone have any thoughts on this or have had this?
    Thanks, Jo

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    *TamaraP* Guest


    Sweety, have you tested??? A lot of girls get breakthrough bleeding in relation to being pregnant.

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    I don't want to alarm you, but I had almost the exact same thing happen when I had my ectopic pregnancy. Maybe do a test and if its BFP get to the Drs straight away so they can do a dating scan.

    If its not a BFP it won't be an ectopic.

    Fingers crossed its only good news for you!


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    Goodluck at your doctors, I hope they find out what it is, I used to spot also about 5 days after ovulation due to low progesterone. Maybe you can ask your doc to test your progesterone?


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