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    Hi everyone. I'm so confused at the moment! I thought I Oed on the CD15 but FF gave me CLs on CD23, just to confuse things I got full ferns on maybe baby today??? Is this possible to get full ferns and not be Oing, in other words is there a chance that it can be inaccurate? I also had ferns on CD23 :-k any advice would be great.

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    Hi Mards,
    I am also using maybe baby, as far as I know it is very accurate. They say the Fern leaf pattern will usually begin to appear 3-4 days before Oing, and will continue for 2-3 days after Oing. But they also say that the consumption of alcohol, tobacco, toothpaste or mouthwash before you do the test can effect the fern leaf structure.

    I had ferns for 3 days and then full ferns for 2 days this month, we have been TTC for 8 months now but this is the first month we have used maybe baby, so am still in the process of working it out myself.

    Not sure if thats of any help or if it has confused you even more. :smt102

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    Hi Mards, FF has given you a dotted coverline which means that its not sure if you O'd or not. I would think that since your temp jumped after day 23 that its more likely that you O'd then than on day 15.

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