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    Cool Confused!!! - LONG-

    Hi allI have a question.. here goes:-.I should tell you first that my husband and I are on a break from TTC well not a break but not temping and stuff so that I can lose a bit of weight - I have lost 13 kg so far (yay me) I think that I may have ovulated early this cycle (first cycle taking Vitex - just to get my body back into rythm) and am currently about 13 -14 days past ovulastion (I think) I had minor (and by minor I mean the size of a pin head spotting and bright red not even enough to notice but I am a compulsive CM checker) on Tuesday at what I think was 10 DPO I have never had this before!!!I have cramping - but no signs of AF and I feel like someone has punched me in the chest, I am light headed, vague and feel a little off - but mostly in the afternoons and am extreemly tired.So given all the above I did a HPT this morning (one from Lullaby Conceptions the early ones) and it was negative So my question after all of that (and thanks for getting this far is) how any days past possible implantation before you get a BFP.Thanks all

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    Hi Kyliekd,

    It person is different. It depends on how much HCG level is in your body. HCG doubles every 2 days. Some women won't get a BFP till after AF is due. It also depends on the HPT - how sensitive they are (another words how early they can detect HCG). Best thing to do is wait unitl the date AF would be due then try then. If still no positive wait a couple of days after AF due date then try another HPT. We all wish that we could find out super early but most times it is not the case. Patience is the key - easier said then done. Good luck. Fingers crossed for you.

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    Generally 7 days post implanation is when yo can start to get positives on HPTs. That said, it's not always the case for everyone & it depends on the sensitivity of the HPT.

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