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Thread: Confused once again!!!!

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    malimum Guest

    Question Confused once again!!!!

    Ok here goes!!! If i confuse ne1, i am sorry.

    I had af last tuesday on the 9th November...which seemed rather normal didnt seem ne different lasted about 3 and a bit days, so im like that has been my pattern over the last few months. Now the confusing part yesterday and today i have had a lot of stringy clear CM and it smells sweet (sorry if TMI), isnt that wat happens when u ovulate. My question is, im only 3 days past af, surely i cant b O already????? Just really had enough of my body being all over the place, TIA

    Ne ideas or ne1 had similar experiences, i would really like to hear, as im trying to make sense as to wat is happening atm.........had just about enough


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    Fire Fly Guest


    Malimum, take a deep breath, now exhale. I can hear the stress in your writing. Usually when you ovulate you get EWCM not just slightly moist. I doubt that you would be 'O' so soon but everyone is different.
    You need to try and not stress so much as to what your body is doing and try to just go with the flow ikywim. God im one to talk, i was hopeless.
    I have to admit its good to know what your body is doing but sometimes it takes over your life a little bit.

    Good luck with it. Wouldnt you think trying for #3 would be easier mentally, Lol. Nope its not i know.

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    malimum Guest


    Thanxs 4 the reply FireFly(ooohh poet & i didnt know it!!!!), i hear ya, its just sooooo frustrating i dont usually get that after af im fairly dry down there iykwim....i just need to stop agonizing over every little detail.......gonna make a conscious effort to try & not stress as easier said than done.

    Im still getting the odd sore bb's and waves of nausea and af has finished.........who knows......not i.

    Well lets hope next month is the month for a ....hey.

    Dropping off some


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    Good Luck this cycle, and its sure is easier said Not to Stress! LOL rather than actually doing it.

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    malimum Guest


    Wat is going on atm I still have heaps of CM this arvo it was a mixture of clear and stringy then i had a big clump of wat looked like white CM, i know it seems like im ranting and raving but i just wish i could work out wat was going on with me, i dont know wat to think. Ne way just have to learn not to stress as much i guess...just really gettin me down.

    Take care every1!!!!

    Hoping for


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    Fire Fly Guest


    If you think you may be 'O' then DTD for the next few days, then you will have peace of mind that youve done something about it. It aint going to hurt none is now, Lol.

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    clare076 Guest


    Malimum some women can get fertile patches of EWCM throughout their cycle both days/weeks prior to ovulation and days/weeks after ovulation.

    My suggestion to you if your are not successful this cycle, go to the chemist and buy a basal body thermometer, join fertility friend and start charting your cycles. You can do a 20 day tutorial on charting basics, and that way you may be able to have some understanding of what your body is doing.

    I also agree with PP, DTD tonight and for the next few nights just to be sure.


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    malimum Guest


    Ty Clare and FireFly for ur advice. I have decided to just go with the flow and not worry to much, if it happens it happens..... I have my gyno appt next tuesday so one way or another im going to find out wat is happening. I think that is wat i needed to realise that im stressing about it to much. Instead of beating mah against a brick justs take it easy. I figure im not going to concieve if im angry, stressed, frustrated all the time. I believe atm the moment im doing wat i can to help it along, but i have to stop analyzing every little niggle, every little thing that is different and just trust my body to do wat its meant to, + pray to the big guy upstairs. I even at times felt like god was against me so for a lil while i lost faith, but his has been restored. I just wanna thank every1 who has replied and taken the time to listen, believe me its much appreciated....gonna take each day as it comes, and make a mental note to just stress less and chill!!!

    Take care!!!! Sending to all who r ttc........GL hope there is some more bfp's around here.

    Cheers & bye

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    Hi Malimum,

    We've been ttc for 3 months following a missed abortion in July. Last month i started taking note of my cm and i noticed it was quite early (Day 10 or 11). This month i had the same thing. a week after AF. Thoght it was odd but wasn't really sure as i hadn't bothered to check that early the month before but this was heaps/ didn't actually need to check. Still got sticky cm about the "normal" o time. Tried bd both then and when i therectiacally would o. Have continued to have sticky cream pretty much everyday since.

    Next month (fingers crossed i won't need to) I am going to try temp to see if i can pinpoint o.

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