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Thread: Confusion - Can anyone help?

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    Default Confusion - Can anyone help?

    Ok So i need some advice...

    This morning i had the tiniest spot of blood when i went to the loo and I'm just not sure why.. was it just an ovulation bleed or could it have been implantation?

    Heres some background info my cycle is generally anywhere between 28-32 days and i'm currently on CD 18. Hubby and i dtd last friday, sunday, monday and last night. I don't usually experience spotting after DTD, although it's always a possibility i guess.

    What's going on? This is all new to me as we've only just really started TTC
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    Could it just be a bit of spotting from DTD last night?? That'd be my guess anyway!

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    It could be either IMO - I only had spotting once and it wasn't during our successful cycle. Sounds like you have O covered thuough!

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    Thanks for that ladies.

    Hopefully, If i am ovulating we'll catch it so fingers crossed. It would be so much easier if i at least had a regular cycle to judge!

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