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Thread: Could this be a BFP?

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    Hi ladies,

    I'm new on here, so I'll fill you all in a little.

    DH and me are ttc #3. I'm on CD23 and think I ov'd on CD13. OPK said surge on CD12 but had ovary pains and a little EWCM on CD17, so not too sure when it happened exactly.

    Anyway, been feeling a little nauseous for the past 4 days and decided to test today. I used FMU and got a very faint positive. However, the line was barely visible to begin with but was very clear, if still not exactly dark, about 10 mins later. In the instructions there were some pictures of what positives look like and it said even if they look very faint it is still a positive. But, the pictures all had wide lines on and mine was very thin.

    I guess my questions are:
    Should I discount it if it looked clearer after 10 mins - but it is definately not an evap line
    Should it look exactly like the one on the picture - i.e. wide?

    I know that I'm testing VERY early, 10DPO at the most so any positive is going to be faint.

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    if the line was there, befor the indicated time, its very unlikely to be an evap line. you are still quiet early cd23, so it is common to get a faint line when testing early. i do know that hcg doubles every couple of days, so keep testing or make an appoinment to see you gp. i just found out im pregnant, and im atleast 12 weeks, i got my first real positive on monday, after blood tests come up negative 3 weeks ago...
    good luck

    from georgette

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    I'd leave it a week and then retest. You need to read it within whatever the time frame is for that particular test. In my experience most tests go darker later on so that's why you have to be careful about keeping to the time stipulated on the instructions. Good luck.

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    id wait two days and test again with FMU and if there is a line again - then id say you might just be UTD!

    Good luck!


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