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Thread: Could I be?

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    *ellie* Guest

    Question Could I be?

    Evening ladies,

    Just after your opinions please if I may.....

    AF was due last week around the 1st Feb (not exactly sure as stopped BCP in Nov and cycles have been 27 days then 24 days, and haven't really started charting) and I'm still waiting for her to arrive!

    I've had cramps on & off all week that I usually only get a day before AF arrives but am yet to see a single bit of blood. I've read that alot of ppl get this and it is actually their uterus expanding after implantation?

    Also the days leading up to my last AF my boobs were really really tender and sore (never usually get this) and they are fine this month which makes me think maybe AF wont be coming?

    I don't want to read too much into it, but for the last few days I've been really tired, also felt a little dizzy periodically and last month I had that metallic taste in my mouth for a few days too.

    Just wondering if others have experienced this and did it end up being a BFP or is my cycle just out of whack? I've also had creamy CM for the last few days too (TMI!)

    I don't have any HPT's as we were waiting for AF to come and go before really starting to 'try' but haven't been using contraception in the mean time either. Maybe I should grab a test tomorrow oR do you think it would be too early to show anything?


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    Hi Ellie, and welcome to BB.

    I'd say grab a test. It's the only way to be sure. (I'm a bit of a pessimist with symptoms and things, just as a warning.)

    I had all these symptoms - the PMS stopping, the cramps but no AF, the long cycle - the cycle before my BFP; my cycles were still a bit odd after the pill, and my period was 2 weeks later than expected (55-day cycle, usually 6-week cycles). So, sadly, I'm not very good for getting hopes up (also because I was 8w pg when I found out about my baby because I refused to get excited).

    Did you have EWCM at all this cycle? That's the really gooey, raw egg white type mucus, which indicates fertility and ovulation, but isn't always easy to spot. If you had it 2 weeks ago then it's a very positive sign and I wish you all the best. Well, I wish you all the best anyway and hope you're posting a pregnancy announcement very soon.

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    I'm going to be the optimist and say that it sounds good to me!

    I'm a bit the same, my cycles are all over the show after stopping Depo. I do however have to say that I was sure I was preg about 12 wks after stopping depo (dizziness, tiredness, feeling unwell) and after a trip to the doctor and a false BFP even the doctor said it was very likely I was preg it was just not showing yet. Turned out to be completely false and we just put all the symptoms down to withdrawal from the Depo. Sooo.....this could be possible for you but I really don't think you would have withdrawals like that from BCP.

    I'd get a test, but don't get discouraged if it doesn't show, you could only be 4 or 5 wks which mightn't show yet. On the other hand it might be a nice positive! It can drive you crazy not knowing I know but a test will either make you instantly happy or just mean you have to keep waiting!! All your symptoms sound very positive. Give it a go and I look forward to hopefully seeing your announcement soon!

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    Hi Ellie!
    Sounds like you might just be in for a nice suprise!!!
    Thats exactly what I got just before I found out I was pregnant... I HOPE ITS SO FOR YOU!!!

    I am feeling a little like that again!!!! EEEKKKKK

    Good luck and PLEASE let us know!

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    *ellie* Guest


    Thanks for your replies ladies.....unfortunately AF arrived with a vengance at 5am this morning - I woke up from the pain then couldn't get back to sleep! I knew that would happen as soon as I started to ponder on the 'what if?' question!! Oh well, there is always next month!

    Good luck to everyone TTC - baby dust to you all & thanks again for replying!

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