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Thread: could I be pregnant?

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    Default could I be pregnant?

    I am on the pill, however my doctor put me on antibiotics around 1 week into my cycle. We were using condoms when we were having sex, however approx CD18, a condom we were using ripped. That was 8 days ago. The past 3 days I have felt absolutely exhausted by early afternoon, and my appetite has been weird. I also noticed a weird one off spotting experience, about three days ago.

    I know there is a possibility that I could be pregnant, but how likely is it? I usually ovulate (when not on the pill) on CD14, but I know that the pill can make things go a bit weird.

    I am picking that if I AM pregnant, I am only just and it will be too early to get a positive pregnancy test. I haven't told DP about this yet, as I don't want him freaking out if it isn't necessary, but at the same time I hate going through this myself! Our daughter has only just turned 6 months old, and we weren't planning on trying for another baby until she was closer to a year old, but I'm sure if I am pregnant, we'll come to terms with it quickly & can be excited about giving Addison a little brother or sister!

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    Hi Mamma2Addison,

    I am led to believe that it takes 7 to 10 days for the implantation, your suggestions indicate that it would have happend on day 5. The antibiotics you are taking could interfere with your menstral cycle therefore cause the spotting.

    From what I gather, everyone is different, so I wouldn't rule out the possibility of a pregnancy.

    Either way, let us know what happens and I hope it is the result you are hoping for.

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