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Thread: Could I be pregnant? Need a bit of advice pls

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    Question Could I be pregnant? Need a bit of advice pls

    Hi guys

    Here is my story. (its pretty short )
    Been on the pill for about 10 years.
    Went off the pill almost 3 weeks ago. About 5 days after I went off the pill I got my period. Lasted about 5-6 days as per normal when i was on the pill. Finished just over 1 weeks ago.
    Been trying since then even though it wasnt in the right cycle time (to my knowledge) and now today (about 8 days since my period finished) I have a small amount of bleeding which isnt normal for me (although i have been on the pill for a long time so i dont really know what is normal i guess).

    Is it possible that I could be pregnant or is this just my body getting used to being off the pill and finding its own cycle? Just seems strange that i would get a period and then 8 days later have another 1. strange.
    Also, yesterday i actually did a pregnany test just out of curiosity even though id had no signs at all and it was negative.
    Would it take longer to show if it was? What could this new bleeding be?
    Please Help.. first timer and a bit freaked but hoping so bad!


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    when you finished the pill did you finish on the sugar pills (i.e. when you were having your period) or in the middle of a packet for the month? If you stopped in the middle of the packet for the month, you would get a period straight away and then possibly again a few weeks later. To my knowledge (I'm no doctor), if you finished taking the pill on the sugar pills (i.e. by having your period), your cycle should still be 'somewhat' the same. When I came off the pill having been on it for about the same length of time, my body continued to keep somewhat the same cycle for a month or two and then started to vary slightly but generally still kept a monthly period with no bleeding in between.

    It depends where your cycle was at when you finished the pill, but I'd take a guess and think that you're not pregnant.

    Everyone is different. If the bleeding hasn't stopped in a few days, perhaps go to the doctor to get re-assurance. I'm sure all is fine though.

    opps, also wanted to say, I have a friend that went off the pill having been on it for a long time and got pregnant straight away, which is what they wanted. Good luck
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    ahh, yeh, i didn't think about that.
    I did stop taking it about mid cycle ie- before the sugar pills, so i guess that first period was just a "pill -made" one or something. Perhaps this is now my "real" period or something.
    Never mind. I shall keep on trying. Its been fun so far!
    thanks for your reply

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    oh well, false alarm anyways. Turns out I dont have my period after all. Was just a very small amount and nothing has come from it.
    Interesting times

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    I think it's normal to have some spotting as well as a period when stopping the pill as your body is just getting back to normal and it may take a while for your cycles to regulate. I came off the pill mid-Jan, had a withdrawal bleed, then a few wks later had a 'proper' period which lasted 3 days (before the pill my periods lasted 5-7 days but I know it's just my body doing its thing) and then a week later had some spotting and brown blood. Waiting to see when my next period is now. I'd say don't stress, your body is just sorting itself out!

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    when i came off the pill (due to sickness) i finished on the sugar pill & my cycles were irregular with my cycle ranging from 29 - 48 days (which is unusual for me as i was pretty regular even before going on the pill)

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