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Thread: Desperate measures!

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    Default Desperate measures!

    Ok...please tell me i'm not the only one of us who is TTC that has taken desperate measure to grasp at pregnancy straws!

    Things i've done to see if I might be preg when I keep getting BFN's are:

    * Asked my animals (them supposedly having the 6th sense and all) to see if my dogs or horses are interested in my belly! Apparently horses like to be near a preg womans belly even before a test shows that you're preg.

    *Kanesiology (sp?) - Asking the subconscience questions

    * Online pregnancy tests.

    Oh boy, I feel like such a bloody desperado, but I want to be pregnant more than anything in the world right now.

    No wonder I get so upset when AF arrives - but I can't seem to help myself from doing all these things anyone else do this too?

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    Hi FJL,

    I know exactly how you are feeling except I can't say I have gone to your measures, but that's only because I have never heard of them. I promised myself that I wouldn't test until Tuesday (AF is due) but I have tested everyday for the last 4. It is so silly, I knew I was going to read a BFN but it still didn't stop me. The TWW is torture- everything you do, eat, read, watch etc only allows the mind to invent new questions, doubts, possibilities, excitement, disappointment, sadness, anxiety etc etc. How many emotions do we need to go through in two weeks? I have also started checking my CP of which I have never done before (didn't evern know what it felt like) so that can't be an indication either. I would like to know if you have any symptoms so far? My DH and I had a very very early MC last cycle, so this month I am stressing that if I am then I will MC again. Arrgghh!!!!

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    Well i dont have a horse but I have been known to check the online tests and some other things!!! The TWW is hellish and at the end of the day there is no way to know if you are pregnant or not until AF does or doesnt arrive. There are tests that claim to be able to show pg 9 days before AF but the accuracy is low, the closer you are to your AF date the more accurate they get! Good luck, let us know how you go this month.

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    Well...AF came today

    I was upset and disapointed for the 5th month running.

    Geez, it just feels like i'm being kicked while i'm down...this is SO frustrating, and the wait completely sucks

    So I threw myself into a tonne of housework. Cleaned out both our wardrobes, linen cupboard, swept, mopped, vaccumed, filed, washed up, did heaps of washing etc. Tomorrow I plan to attack the fridge, pantry and other cupboards. If I can't be pregnant I may as well have a clean house

    Want to know something else thats crazy that i'm doing next week? I've booked a session with a hypnotherapist for Tuesday next week...hopefully she can bash some sense into my organs subconsiously! Am also going to get a sperm count down on DH to make sure everything with him is ok.

    Well, glad i'm not the only one obcessed with it all!

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