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    Question Devil Cat

    My 5 year old cat does not like children. She must have been tormented by one of my friends children (the cats first intorduction to toddlers), she has never seen a baby.
    Her ears go back and her fur stands on end when she hears the laughter or squeals of children. She hisses at children she can see. My cat is an indoor cat, I have to seculde her when I have children over.
    She is a very friendly cat to adults, she loves to be the centre of attention.
    Has anyone had similar problems? How did you deal with it?

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    My cat doesnt like kids either because he was tormented by our nephew as a kitten. I dont have to do much about his dislike though because he just goes and hides in another room till they go home. I just make sure everyone leaves him alone (or he would be nasty) and that he can still get to the water if he needs. Usually, if they are staying over, he will come out when everyone goes to bed and gets a lot of extra cuddles from us then. No ammount of coaxing will make him come out unless he wants to. He only likes a selected few adult visitors also! Hope you come up with a solution.

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