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Thread: DH on antidepressants??

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    Rainbow Guest

    Question DH on antidepressants??

    Hi, my husband and I are looking for advice - we are TTC but hubby has started on antidepressants (CELAPRAM: Citalopram 30mg) and we were wondering whether this would have any impact on his fertility and the baby produced.

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    Default hi

    hi, i just thought i would add this for you...
    My DH was on antidepressants for many years previous to us TTC. in fact he was only taken off them about 7 months ago. I just wanted to say, that we carried on TTC with his psychiatric teams encouragement. He had a sperm test whilst he was on the medication and it was 47million and 50% motility, so i can only suggest that it doesnt have that much of an impact on the sperm.
    However if you are concerned you are well within your rights to ask your doctor or pharmasist about this...
    good luck with you ttc journey.
    from georgette

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